Monday, May 17, 2010

3D Printing Business Models

While building the MakerBot and printing objects off of Thingiverse is
fun and challenging, I must admit that I have an ulterior motive, i.e.
I see a new and different business model for manufacturing. While
this is more of a gut feel at this point, I can't stop thinking about
the potential for the ultimate in mass customization. This may mean
that there is a "MakerBot" in every home for personal use, or maybe
one that is in a regional public "hackerspace" that people can rent
time on, or a third option is for individuals who own/master the
MakerBot to print "things" for others. There are probably other
business models that we haven't even thought of as well.


  1. Long-tail race the Warhammer miniatures hobby?

  2. I collect business cards, this is done purely out of my love for anything to do with arts and design.

    Discount Cards.